4CLS Support Email Addresses

Please use these email addresses when submitting support requests and questions to Four County Library System.  Please send only 1 request per email message.  This will help to make sure your requests get to the right personnel.

Barcode Labels

  • barcodelabels@4cls.org

Circuits Program

  • circuits@4cls.org


  • circulation@4cls.org

Collection Services

  • collectionservices@4cls.org

Contact Us

  • contactus@4cls.org

Directors’ Station

  • dstation@4cls.org

Downloadables eBooks & audiobooks

  • downloadzone@4cls.org

Enterprise site support

  • enterprise@4cls.org


  • envwsupport@4cls.org

Patron Cards

  • patroncards@4cls.org

PC or Network problems

  • automation@4cls.org

PC Reseller Program

  • reseller@4cls.org

Policy Changes

  • policy@4cls.org

Reports & Statistics

  • reports@4cls.org

Research Center

  • researchcenter@4cls.org

Serials Control

  • serialscontrol@4cls.org

Title Records

  • titlerecords@4cls.org

Traveling Classroom

  • travelingclassroom@4cls.org