2020 Annual Report Data

Updated 1/29/2021

We will add data as it becomes available.

Big Data: We have compiled stats for Collection, Circulation, Additions to Holdings, Resident/NonResident Borrowers, ILL Received/Sent, Flipster Use, and Electronic Database Usage into one big Excel spreadsheet with a sheet for each library.  You can quickly navigate the sheets by right-clicking on the small arrows to the left of the sheet names, and selecting your library’s sheet from the list. Holdings and Circulation stats have been broken down by Item Category 1 and Item Category 2.

For descriptions of Item Category 1 terms and a guide to where they fit, click here. (excel)

DOWNLOAD the Big Data 2020!

Section 2 – Library Collection

2.1-2.12- Library Collection – See Big Data

Reminder: For Print Serials (Question 2.9) Count magazines by volume, not by issue. Many magazines publish one volume per year, but not all. Check inside the cover page for volume information.
2.13 Electronic Books – (includes Gutenberg ebooks) – 12,470
2.14 Local Electronic Collections – for Research Center subscribers – 11
– for non-subscribers – 4

2.17 Audio – Downloadable Units – 2,149

2.19 Other Electronic Materials  – for Research Center subscribers – 1 (Flipster)
– for non-subscribers – 0

2.26 Additions – Cataloged Books – See Big Data for questions 2.26, 2.27, and 2.29. *Do not count circuit items as additions*
2.27 Additions – Other Print Materials
2.28 Additions – Electronic Materials – 1,169
2.29 Additions – All Other Materials

Section 3 – Library Programs, Policies, and Services

3.2 Resident Borrowers – See Big Data
3.3 Non-Resident Borrowers (ditto)

Section 4 – Library Transactions

4.1 – 4.9 – Circulation – See Big Data

4.12 Use of Electronic Materials (See attached file – Overdrive Usage by Library and Flipster Use in Big Data)
4.13 Successful retrieval of Electronic Information – See Big Data
*Note: This question combines the use of subscription databases for which a breakdown by library is possible (Research Center, etc.)

4.20  ILL Received – See Big Data
4.21  ILL Provided – (ditto)

Section 5 – Technology

5.4 Annual Visits to the website –
Many libraries have been set up with google analytics accounts to count their web hits.  If you need help getting your data from google analytics, contact Automation at automation@4cls.org.

5.7 Does the library file for e-rate benefits? – Yes
5.8 Is the library part of a consortium for e-rate benefits? – Yes
5.9 If yes, in which consortium are you participating? – Four County Library System

Section 9 – Service Outlet Information – 4CLS Library Bandwidth
9.28 Type of Connection
9.29  Download Speed
9.30  Upload Speed

9.33 Wireless Sessions –
Many libraries have been set up with Meraki devices to count their wireless sessions.  If you need help getting your data from google analytics, contact Automation at automation@4cls.org.