Unauthorized Title Records

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Title Records Created by Member Libraries

Approved by Governing Council 5/20/2011


Member libraries and Four County staff have invested significant resources in developing and maintaining a clean database that adheres to professional standards for data entry and cataloging so that staff and the public alike can readily find materials and the incidence of duplicates is minimized.

For this reason, the creation of title (bibliographic) records is restricted to trained Four County staff.  Member libraries are encouraged to attach item records to titles records when they already exist for the item in-hand.  However, if there is no appropriate record is in the database, member libraries must send the item to Four County for cataloging, which incurs a fee for the staff time involved (currently $1.15 per title).

The only exceptions to this practice are:

  1. Videocassettes (judged by Governing Council to be a format that is becoming obsolete)
  2. Books on cassette and audiocassettes (both judged by Governing Council to be a format that is becoming obsolete)
  3. Temporary records for ordering (which are replaced with complete cataloging when the first copy is received at 4CLS).

Note:  Ephemeral materials are not exceptions.  However, before sending these materials or fragile items to Four County for cataloging, please contact Megan Biddle (mbiddle@4cls.org) to discuss options.


If a member library discovers title records in the database that do not fall into one of the exceptions categories above and appear to have been created by someone other than Four County staff, they are to be reported by submitting a ticket to titlerecords@4cls.org or completing the form below.  Please forward the title and Item ID.

Megan Biddle and her staff will review the records that are reported and determine appropriate action.  If the item is checked out, lost, or otherwise has a relationship with a patron record, it will remain until that link is broken, and staff will place a hold on the item in order to trap it for processing later.  Otherwise, they will:

  1. In the case of duplicates, merge the item record onto the title record that was already in the database, or
  2. Delete the title records and item record that were entered inappropriately.

In either case, the library owning the initial item that was attached to the bibliographic record will be notified via email that it has been merged or deleted.

When unnecessary or inappropriate title records are entered into the database as defined above, effective immediately there will be a grace period through August 31, 2011 during which Four County will notify the member library via email about title records that have been merged or deleted.  Effective September 1, 2011, to recover the staff time involved, when a title record created on or after that date must be merged or deleted, Four County will bill the library that created it a fee of $12.00 per title record. The invoice will be separate from other Four County invoices and will include the title of the item.

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