Construction Aid Program

Updated 6/10/2021

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The DLD website has a lot of information about the Construction Aid Program. 4CLS guidelines and procedures were approved by the 4CLS Board in January 2020. These guidelines require libraries to submit an Intent to Apply form. Return the form to Brian Lee by June 11, 2021.

A workshop was be held on May 19, 2021 to cover the guidelines and the Construction Aid Program in general. (View the slides)

Program Priorities

  • Increased effectiveness of library service due to increased and/or improved building space and capacity
  • More efficient utilization of the library building resulting in such economies as energy conservation and increased staff efficiency.
  • Improved access to and use of building services by all library users, including those with physical disabilities
  • Provision of library services to geographically isolated or economically disadvantaged communities

More Information

Application Details

Reduced Match Criteria

To qualify for the reduced local match, a library must demonstrate that it is serving an economically disadvantaged community.  To aid in the process, the 4CLS Board has approved the following criteria:

  1. 15% or more of the population below the poverty line
  2. 50% or more of student enrollment eligible for free or reduced school lunch
  3. Unemployment rate above the state average
  4. Other relevant factors – if a library feels that it is serving an economically disadvantaged community, but does not meet the above criteria, they may present evidence to be considered by 4CLS.

4CLS will determine the eligibility of libraries filing an intent to apply form. Libraries that are not eligible under criteria 1-3 will be encourage to provide documentation relating to their community for consideration (via e-mail or delivery).

For more information, contact Steven Bachman at or 607-723-8236 ext. 301 or Brian Lee at or 607-723-8236 ext. 304