Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

All workplaces, including libraries, in New York State must provide annual Sexual Harassment Prevention Training to their employees. 4CLS recommends that trustees be trained as well due to their governance role in public libraries.

Guidance for Implementing Sexual Harassment Prevention Training at Your Library

Total Time: up to 60 minutes, depending on the amount of questions

Equipment: Staff or public computer with audio and internet connection

People: The person who needs to participate in the training and 1 other person (director, staff or board member) to proctor the training exercises.

3 Simple Steps to Certification

Step #1: Have participants view the NYS Sexual Harassment Prevention Video found online.

Link to Training Video:

Time: 20-minutes

Step #2: Provide participants with the Training Case Studies (in pdf) (video link here)

This includes both Questions and Answers prepared by NYS Department of Labor and Department of Human Rights. Participants should read through all the case studies to gain a better understanding of what constitutes harassment. The case studies in pdf have been adapted to the library environment by the Southern Tier Library System.

Or, download and use our PowerPoint slides. File includes a link to the video and each of the case studies.

Time: 20-minutes. Allow participants enough time to review and process.

Step #3: Provide participants with the Certification and Follow-up Training Questions Form.

This form should be used to offer participants the opportunity to ask additional questions about how the library addresses sexual harassment. The person proctoring the participant’s training can answer questions verbally if they are authorized, or the participant can ask questions in writing using the back of the form and the library director or board will have to answer in timely manner, verbally or in writing.

Time: It depends on follow-up questions, but this component of training will be used to certify that the participant completed the training steps and the other person present (proctor) witnessed the training and provided an opportunity to ask questions.

The library director or person responsible for retaining library records should file all Certification Forms in a file labeled Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for permanent record.  Training should be repeated annually.

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