Archived Webinars and Library Related YouTube Videos

Past webinars available by various organization.  *For those wishing to view WebJunction webinars an account will have to be set up which is free of charge.

Presented May 19, 2016 – Genealogy Essentials: Helping Patrons Search for Family Roots – WebJunction

Presented May 11, 2016 – Future Proofing Library Spaces – WebJunction

Presented April 19, 2016 – Incubate Creativity at Your Library – WebJunction

Presented March 15, 2016 – Purposeful Innovation: Idea Management for Libraries – WebJunction

Presented February 2, 2016 – Explore and Discover: Nature-Based Spaces and Activities at your Library – WebJunction

Presented Sept 10, 2015 – Growing Through Conflict: Healthy Workplace Communication – WebJunction

Presented May 27, 2015 – Beyond Book Groups: Fun Library Programs for Adult Readers – WebJunction

Presented Feb 17, 2015 – Introduction to Intellectual Freedom in Libraries-2015 Update – Infopeople

Presented Dec 10, 2014 – Rural Resources and Funding: The Rural Information Center – *WebJuction

Presented Nov 11, 2014 – Connecting Patron’s with Legal Information – ALA

Presented Oct 21, 2014 – Serving the Underserved: Children with Disabilities at Your Library – *WebJunction

Presented Sept 18, 2014 – Taming Tech Tools for Libraries – *WebJunction in collaboration with the Association for Rural and Small Libraries

Presented Sept 12, 2014 – Basics for New Public Library Directors –

Presented Aug 14, 2014 – Top Ten Skills for Teaching Tech to Patrons – *WebJunction

Presented June 10, 2014 – The Critical Partnership: Public Library Trustees and Directors –

Presented Jan 8, 2014 – Volunteers – Recruit, Reward, Retain – SCRLC

Below is a list of videos available on YouTube relating to digital literacy as well as other issues pertinent to library staff.  Most will be less than ten minutes in length.  Follow the link to the specific video.

Digital Literacy Introduction. Presented by Dr. Gideon Burton of Brigham Young University

Digital Literacy 2014. The digital skills students will need for the Common Core curriculum.

iPad Apps for Children’s Programming.  Presented by South Carolina State Library, somewhat long but very informative.

Keeping Teens as Lifelong Library Patrons Through “Teen TALK“.  “Highlights best practices in the field of teen library programming.”

Life Before Google: The Chicago Public Library Information Services, 1993.  Presented by Media Burn Archive.  Another interesting video showing what finding information in a library used to be like.

Thomas Kamber on Senior Citizens and Digital Literacy.  Presented by ComCastNewsmakers

What is Digital Literacy?  Presented by Jennifer Fenton

The Future of Libraries – Are you wondering what the future of libraries will be?  Below are informative TEDxTalks given by library leaders on what they envision will be the library of the future.

Can a Children’s Book Change the World? : Linda Sue Parks at TEDxBeaconStreet.  Presented by TEDxTalks.

Collaboratories and Bubbles of Shush – How Libraries are Transforming : Helen Shenton at TEDx Dublin.  Presented by TEDxTalks.

Librarians of the Future : Lis Pardi at TEDx Somerville.  Presented by TEDxTalks.

Libraries of the Future : Tod Colegrove at TEDxReno.  Presented by TEDxTalks.

The Library of the Future : Melanie Florencio at TEDxCreativeCoast.  Presented by TEDxTalks.

Little Free Library : Todd Bol at TEDxFargo.  Presented by TEDxTalks

What to Expect from Libraries in the 21st Century : Pam Sandlian-Smith at TEDxMileHigh.  Presented by TEDxTalks.

Customer Service Videos

Customer Service is Not Dead at Edmonton Public Library.  Presented by Edmonton Public Library.   This is a fun video showing what EPL can do to make even the scariest patrons happy.

Customer Service Training@North Hall Library, Mansfield University.  Presented by Mansfield University.  Though slightly dated the video still offers useful information on the does and don’t of customer service.

Dealing with Angry Customers.  Presented by Learning Communications.  Though not specific to a library setting it is still very helpful in diffusing an angry customer.

“The Library” Episode 5: Good Librarian/Bad Librarian.  Presented by publiclibrary1.  A funny customer service video from Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library.

Patrons Gone Wild.  Presented by KCLSTTraining.  The video shows various dos and don’t when dealing with loud patrons.

When Bad Things Happen to Good Librarians.  Presented by cetv.  This is a somewhat cheesy presentation yet it provides useful information on how to handle very difficult and potentially dangerous patron interactions.