Gift Item Submission

This information has moved! Please visit Physical Item Submission – LibGuides at Four County Library System for information and downloadable gift slips!

There are now two ways to submit gift items to 4CLS for cataloging:

  • For gift books that do not need physical processing, you can use this form (instead of physically sending the item).
  • Other items should use the steps listed below:

Gift items sent to 4CLS should be sent with a salmon routing slip and a completed gift slip.

  • Please send in all gifts with a salmon routing slip that says GIFT (NOT collections, tech services, processing, FCLS, etc.). If you are sending a box you do not need a salmon slip, but please clearly mark the box GIFT.
  • Each item must also have a gift slip tucked in. It requires your library name or code (that FCLS uses), the complete date, title and/or author so the slip can stick with the right item (for movies title is sufficient), and check one or both boxes depending on what you need for the item. If you want both a record and physical processing, check both. If you just need one or the other, then only check the one appropriate box.
  • Use ONLY the FCLS designed slip – you may print and fill them out by hand if you wish, or use the Fill & Sign tool on the PDF document to electronically enter the information (and that way you can save a copy for your own files)