Annual Report

Updated 1/22/2021

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The deadline of the report is Monday, March 1, 2021

Below are some basic ‘what goes where’ tidbits about the annual report.  If you have questions about the financial section, contact JoEllen Dorak-Tarcha.  For questions about other areas of the report, contact Steve Bachman.

Category Question # What to Report
2.9 Total Print Serials Count magazines by volume, not by issue. Many magazines publish one volume per year, but not all. Check inside the cover page for volume information.

Financial Section

Category Question # What to Report
Local Library Services Aid (LLSA) 11.3 Only LLSA funds are reported on this line
Additional State Aid received from the System 11.5 Legislative member item funds (bullet aid)
Other Cash Grants 11.7 Grant funds received through the System
State Aid other than LLSA, Central Library Aid (CLDA and/or CBA), or other State Aid reported as System cash grants 11.9 Funds received directly from the state – not passed through the system
Income from Investments 11.16 This category should include interest and earnings on investments and endowments deposited into the operating fund
From Other Funds 11.23 Principal being transferred into operating from investments and endowments
Print Materials Expenditures 12.6 Include Large Print Circuit fees in this category
Electronic Materials Expenditures 12.7 Include Research Center and Download Zone fees in this category
Other Materials Expenditures 12.8 Include Audio and Video Circuit fees in this category
Other Miscellaneous 12.24 Include Movie Licensing fee in this category
Contracts with Public Libraries and/or Public Library Systems in New York State 12.26 Automation or RAPAS fees should be in this category