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4CLS Board Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of the Four County Board of Trustees:

January 29, 2011 10:00 a.m.

Four County Library System

Vestal, NY

Trustees Present:       Kathleen Wood                              

                                    Sandy Sheradin

                                    Steve Rothenberg

                                    Marilyn Kochersperger

                                    Wendy Caldiero

                                    Daniel Swift



Excused:                     Annette Testani

Chris Kuzel   



Others Present:          Theresa Allen, Treasurer

David J. Karre, Executive Director

                                    Pamela Brown, Deputy Executive Director

                                    Sherry Gorman, Administrative Assistant

                                    Eve Randall, Finance Officer

                                    Starr LaTronica, Outreach Mgr/Youth Services


K. Wood called the meeting to order at 10:06 a.m.


Public Participation


K. Wood recognized S. LaTronica.  S. LaTronica thanked the Board of Trustees and Administration for allowing her to attend ALA Conferences.  D. Karre added S. LaTronica has a great connection with patrons and vendors and many times when she attends conferences such as the ALA Conference, she is given preview books at no cost to the System.  W. Caldiero and S. Rothenberg added S. LaTronica is well known and liked throughout the System.




On the motion of M. Kochersperger, seconded by S. Rothenberg, the Board approved the minutes of the November 20, 2010 Board meeting.










Administrative Report:


Executive Director:


Personnel Action:


D. Karre called attention to the hiring of part-time temporary employees at the George F. Johnson Library (Endicott) for the BTOP (stimulus) project.  There will be no financial burden on Four County Library System; George F. Johnson Library has approval to retain funds for payroll and to pay unemployment benefits after the end of the program.



Gail Szeliga,                $25.00/hr, 28 hrs per week

Joanna Bachman,        $15.18/hr, 28 hrs per week

April Steenbergh,        $15.18/hr, 28 hrs per week

Sydney Botts,             $15.18/hr, 28 hrs per week


On the motion of S. Sheradin, seconded by W. Caldiero, the Board approved the hiring of staff for the Geo. F. Johnson Library.


D. Karre noted how very important it is to join in on the advocacy front by hopping on the bus March 1st, Library Day in Albany and show your support by meeting with our Legislators to speak out against cutting funding to libraries and library systems.


On the motion of W. Caldiero, seconded by S. Rothenberg the Board accepted the Executive Director’s report.


Deputy Executive Director:


P. Brown handed a report out on Downloadable library statistics.  P. Brown noted she has never seen any service hit the ground running like the Down Load Zone.  Acceptance to this new Digital Service is overwhelming, it is remarkable.


On the motion of M. Kochersperger, seconded by D. Swift, the Board accepted the Deputy Executive Director’s report.


Financial Affairs


Treasurer’s reports and financial reports:


On the motion of S. Rothenberg, seconded by S. Sheradin, the Board approved the Treasurer’s reports for November and December 2010 with one correction in the November expense line.


On the motion of W. Caldiero, seconded by M. Kochersperger  the Board approved the Financial reports for November and December 2010.


Year End Transfers:


On the motion of S.Sheradin, seconded by W. Caldiero, the Board approved the year end transfers.


2011 Revised Budget:


On the motion of W. Caldiero, seconded by S. Rothenberg, the Board approved the revised 2011 budget.



Committee Reports:

A.        Governance Committee: – W. Caldiero       –           No report


B.        Finance Committee: – S. Rothenberg


            S. Rothenberg reported that the 2011 Budget was reviewed and minor changes were made, realizing the budget will be in flux for the entire year.  An overview of activities to secure additional funds for 4CLS and Cybermobile was discussed and recommended that it be distributed to the entire board.   


The Automation Fees Subcommittee will be meeting in February.


An overview of what other NYS Public Library Systems are doing in the way of fees to members or reduction in services was discussed.


An update on the Sponsorship program was given.


2010 Budget Transfers were reviewed and recommended for approval to the Board.


The issue of staffing for the George F. Johnson Library under the BTOP Public Computing Center program was discussed.


C.        Central Library Services: – C. Kuzel          –           No report



D.        System Services CommitteeS. Sheradin  –            No report



E.        Executive Committee: – K. Wood                –           No report

A brief Executive Committee meeting will be held after this Board meeting.






  1. A.                Resignation letter from Gary Norman.

On the motion of D. Swift, seconded by M. Kochersperger, the Board accepted G. Norman’s resignation from the Board of Trustees. G. Norman has resigned to become the Library manager of the Morris Library and would thus be ineligible to serve of the 4CLS Board.


Old Business:


  1. A.                Unique Management:

K. Wood will sign the contract today for the members interested.


New Business:


Oath of Office:


All Trustees present were given Oath of Office document for their signatures.





  1. A.                Location of May Board meeting.  The location was discussed with no decision being made.


On the motion of W. Caldiero, seconded by M. Kochersperger, the Board went into Executive Session at 10:45.


On the motion of W. Caldiero, seconded by M. Kochersperger, the Board closed Executive Session at 11:00.


On the motion of D. Swift, seconded by S. Sheradin, the Board approved that as of March 1, 2011 4CLS will no longer contract with an external Treasurer, with such duties be handled by the 4CLS Board and staff as appropriate.


On the motion of S. Sheradin, seconded by M. Kochersperger the board adjourned

at 11:02 AM.



Minutes prepared by Sherry Gorman, Administrative Assistant.






Annette Testani, Secretary